The Series 500 is designed for easy installation on most existing blown film lines having either a rotating/oscillating die or tower. The single-sided capacitance sensor is mounted in a fixed position while the system monitors the die or tower position. On fixed lines, a live ring may be added to transport the sensor around the bubble.

Optimum Accuracy is due to single-sided sensor capacitance technology, universally accepted as the most precise, cost-effective method for measuring film thickness. MEASURETECH gauges relate the sample material’s dielectric to its thickness. High resolution shows microscopic changes in film profile, a real quality control plus.

Multiple Blown Film Line Monitoring is accomplished from a single self-contained operator’s console, resulting in cost savings.

Comprehensive, Easy-To-Use Software is Windows® compatible. With this proprietary Statistical Process Control (SPC) software, your new system can be up and running fast. Menu designs are practical. Interactive screens guide operator through the entire testing process.

Reports and screen displays include out-of-spec warnings and alarms, allowing quick response to correct problems and make necessary adjustments. Also reported are minimum/maximum gauge values, average, standard deviations, upper and lower control limits, trend analysis and deviation from target thickness.

An optional networking workstation package is available to allow network users access to information.

Easily Upgraded as new features become available, means your investment is protected. A MEASURETECH system purchased today is designed to meet your needs well into the future.

Adapts to most profile control systems currently on the market.

Edge and Single Sided Bubble Sensor available when non-contact is a must.

On-Line Film Thickness and Profile Gauge Systems

Superior real time graphics

Continuous gauge monitoring

Selectable reports

Monitor multiple lines

Superior sampling rate

Automatic control average gauge

Out-of-spec warnings & alarms

High resolution capacitance sensor


Film calibration permanently stored

Profile graph correlates to die